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Lori Luttmer

Lori is MSP's founder, manager and bus driver. She has music in her genes as the daughter of a pro Nashville session guitarist; as a child she sang with his country band. After college (including a course entitled  "Jail Time 101" for partying excesses), she juggled a nursing career, raising 7 great children, and a marriage of 25+ happy years and counting. But "I have always

been passionate about music, and great songs have been milestones in my life's journey" With her kids mostly raised and after singing in a country band for a several years, she founded MSP in 2016. Lori's favorite genre is country, but her tastes are varied and eclectic, reaching into blues, R &B, rock, pop and jazz. Fun facts: "At one time I aspired to be an exotic dancer. But I could never get up the nerve." If stranded on a desert island she would want "Vodka, limes and tonic, in that order."




Jay Leyland

Jay is MSP’s beloved “part time, guest” contributor.  He grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, spending much of his youth spinning his mother’s Beatles 45s on the turntable.  There was no doubt that music resided in Jay’s heart and soul, and after high school he found himself enrolled in music school.  He found that to be uninspiring and constraining, however, and quit, choosing to hone his chops through the 90s in Toledo in a hard-driving, high-energy, regionally-known rock band as a songwriter, vocalist and keyboardist.  Near the end of that period he met his lovely wife to be, and they have since married and settled in Cincinnati where they are proud parents of two children (who appear to carry Jay’s creative genes).  Although he has retired from the road, Jay still writes and records his own music in his home studio, and performs with MSP and other bands as a guest from time to time

Bill  Gallagher

Bill has been playing guitar since childhood and has played in a number of performing bands from high school on. He came of age during the golden years of rock (Everyone knows 1976 was the last great year for rock, right?), and lived through hair bands, new wave, grunge, alternative, and all that has come since. Now he appreciates all kinds of music old and new, but his playing mostly reflects influences in blues, R&B, roots and Americana. Bill is from Pittsburgh (aka Steeler Country) but now lives in Cincinnati with his beautiful and patient wife of 20+ years, their two teenage kids, three cats and Willow the dog. To support his gear habit he works as a lawyer. Aside from music and guitar gear, Bill enjoys watching his kids grow, cycling, good cooking, good beer and dogs.

Charlie Randolph

Charlie has been playing drums for 15 years including in his own band the Uncle Charlie Band. After graduating from the University of Michigan (where he played defensive tackle on the football team) he operated a successful plumbing business for 40 years. "After all that time, still no plumber's butt!" He is happily married to Mrs. Randolph and they have 3 grown kids; there are no grandchildren yet save for Ruby the Wheaton terrier. Though he's retired, Charlie is not content to sit still. When he's not bringing the thunder for MSP he enjoys golf, reading and spending time with his wife and family. He's also recently taken up surfing, although he has discovered that the Ohio doesn't have much swell and he has to go to the Pacific coast to find really cranking waves.

Paul Saas

Paul grew up inCincinnati in a musical household.  His mother, a pianist, exposed her kids to classical music from an early age.   While growing up Paul played violin, studying and taking private lessons through high school, including lessons at University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music.

Paul's skills have led him to a wide range of musical opportunities performing in a wide range of styles including bebop, big band, musical theater, rock, blues, R&B, funk, country and on.  During daylight hours he works for the Cincinnati Police Department.  Paul is the father of two now-grown successful children and resides with his wife (also a musician) and two cats on the West Side. He is a fan of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and science fiction books

Jeremy Cotton
Jeremy was born into a musical family, and while growing up in North Avondale, he had the privilege of exploring many musical situations.  He took almost every offered opportunity (and sometimes invited himself) to play clarinet, saxophone, acoustic bass and guitar in the concert and marching bands, pep bands, jazz band, orchestra, and various school musicals throughout high school.  He went on to earn his undergraduate degree and do graduate work in music at Bowling Green State University.  

Although his undergraduate and graduate work focused on music education, Jeremy quickly realized high school classroom teaching was probably karmic punishment for past and future sins, so he shifted his focus to performing and giving private lessons.   In the last several decades, Jeremy has taught several hundred guitar students (many of them grateful!), and played guitar and bass in a variety of styles and settings including a summer of country music at Cedar Point, blues gigs in Dallas and Houston, polkas in Cleveland, solo and group jazz performances, countless wedding receptions throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky and a near-infinite number of bar gigs

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